Aerea Sigfox iot network 

nationwide iot network


outdoor coverage


indoor coverage

17 million

people covered in NL

Low Power

The Aerea Sigfox network is ideal for ultra low power sensors. Typical usecases only send a few messages per day with battery life up to 10 years

Cloud backend

with a highly secured cloud backend we provide the latest API’s acces for you to integrate into your existing platforms

Nationwide coverage

With 99% outdoor coverage and already more than 80% coverage we are here to make your IOT business a succes. Q1 2018 will see a huge improvement on the network to 95% indoor coverage.

Data analytics

work with partners like AWS, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure to collect your data from the Sigfox backend and do valuable calculations with your data

1 network for all your sensors

Dutch operator dedicated to the Internet Of Things with a best in class network.
Aerea is a connectivity services provider for the Internet of Things (IoT). In the Netherlands, the company operates a network based on SIGFOX technology, a Low Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) with high capacity. This makes the network ideal for applications like smart meters, goods tracking and smart sensors in buildings and cities. Companies seeking to apply internet-connected objects on a large scale and pursuing operational excellence benefit from the low rates and long battery life. Furthermore, Aerea provides Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity solutions for clients like insurance companies, government bodies and utility companies.

First Sigfox wearable

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Tracking device


push your data to Azure


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Aerea Sigfox

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